31 7 / 2013

30 Days of DOOL Artwork Challenge 

Day 30: 2013 recap of Days (from January - July)  

2013 has been a fantastic year for Days. Pretty much everything has improved tremendously, IMO. I’m so proud of the show. (Am I being cheesy right now? Yeah, deal.) If the show continues to be this great, no one will be surprised if they sweep the Emmys next year.


I’ll be posting a text post later today to wrap up the challenge. It’ll include my thoughts on this crazy month-long journey, what I’ll be doing next; basically just a bunch of rambling. You know me. Brevity isn’t my strongest suit, and I don’t want to address everything here because I don’t want to clog up this post… Whoops, am I already doing that? Ha! ;)

Anyway, thank you for following me on this challenge!

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    It’s been a great year! The show has been fantastic since Nick and Gabi’s wedding.
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