11 7 / 2013

30 Days of DOOL Artwork Challeng

Day 11: Blake Berris 

He is a cutie pie and a wonderful actor. I hope he stays on Days for a long time.


Anyway, I’d like to address something that really annoyed me yesterday. If you’re going to be posting my artwork on a message board (e.g. Daytime Royalty), post a link. You can copy and paste the damn gifs, but you can’t paste the link to my Tumblr? Especially since I’ve been asking y’all since Day 1 to spread the word about the challenge. Posting the artwork on another forum without any single mention of the artist, the source, or the challenge is not spreading the word. It’s infuriating and obnoxious. It’s stealing. I mean, I’m extremely lenient; I rarely demand that you credit me, unlike other artwork makers out there. I don’t do watermarks or any of that shit (although after yesterday, I am considering that). But this is me posting artwork for 30 days straight - it’s a hard ass challenge. It’s not something I’ll be doing every month. So, um… fuck yeah, I expect you to at least post the link to my Tumblr post. Come on, man… common courtesy and all that. If you even suspect that this might be referring to you, you’re probably right.

If you’d like, please reblog this post, post this poster and banner on other sites [but please credit (I’m disappointed that I now have to outright ask this)], retweet my tweets, etc. Thanks to everyone who has done that so far; I appreciate it a lot.

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  2. everythingsalem said: I know what you mean, my gifs are being posted on message boards too. Some people are really nice and give credit by linking back, but others just copy and paste the gifs without giving credit. It’s not cool.
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